Waarom kiezen voor Charlie & Jones

Why choose Charlie & Jones

Why our handmade dog collars are so popular

Charlie & Jones dog collars are made from high-quality European materials and are handmade to order, with attention to detail. They are unique and stylish, so your dog will stand out from the other four-legged friends. Moreover, we create them with love and care in our Amsterdam studio, which makes them extra special. You choose from all kinds of colors of nylon strap and yarn, so you can put together your unique dog collar with name. Our handmade dog collars will make your dog look and feel great. In short, this collar with name is the perfect choice for your dog, because your four-legged friend also deserves the best.

Charlie & Jones dog collars provide security

At Charlie & Jones we understand how important it is that your furry friend is safe. That's why our handmade dog collars with names are designed to prevent your dog from getting lost. Each collar is made from durable materials and features a secure buckle, so you can rest assured your dog will stay safe and sound, even if he accidentally wiggles free from his leash. Moreover, our trendy collars are not only practical but also stylish. So why not give your dog the best of both worlds? Order a handmade dog collar from Charlie & Jones and give your furry friend the gift of safety and style. Did you know that we can also embroider your telephone number on the collar? Quite handy, in case your furry friend occasionally runs away.

Handmade collar with name and phone number
Having your phone number embroidered on your dog's collar is a handy way to ensure that your furry friend can always be returned to you if he accidentally gets lost. If your dog wanders or gets loose, the finder can quickly and easily contact you to let you know your dog is safe. This can save you a lot of worry and can also prevent your dog from ending up in a shelter. With your phone number on the dog collar, your four-legged friend always has a way to get home, no matter what. We embroider their name and your telephone number by hand
the dog collar, so that your dog's ears are protected from the tinkling of metal tags. With such a collar you give your dog (and yourself) peace of mind. A Charlie & Jones dog collar with name and phone number is a simple and effective way to keep your furry friend safe.

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