Dit zijn dé herfsttrends voor 2023

These are the autumn trends for 2023

Now that autumn has started, it's time for a change in your wardrobe and of course that of your furry friend. Because we at Charlie & Jones understand better than anyone how nice it is to be able to match your own outfit to that of your dog or cat.. Curious about the trendy colors for this fall? We list them all for you.

The fashion image is going to change completely this season: after a long time of seeing bright colors, busy prints and color blocking, we are going back to classic this fall. The emerging minimalist fashion trend quiet luxury plays a major role in this. Quiet luxury is all about building a sustainable collection of timeless pieces that will last for years, with neutral colors predominating.

This autumn we are going for modest. We avoid striking prints, objects and an overload of bright colors, because the quiet use of color is characteristic of the quiet luxury trend. Nice and timeless and durable, because you can combine it endlessly.
Yet this autumn you will also see some color here and there. Red is making its debut again and purple, fuchsia and magenta are also popular colors this season. And is it difficult for you to say goodbye to the beloved pink? Don't worry, because pink continues to play a role in fashion, but in softer shades. Would you rather choose color? Then wear it tone-on-tone to fit in completely this fall.

These are the popular neutral colors for this fall:

- Classic Black

- Olive green

- Beige

- Brown

- Dark blue

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