Leukste wandelroutes met je hond

The best walking routes with your dog

It's that time again, the holidays are just around the corner. The perfect time to spend time with family, friends and of course with your four-legged friend(s). We are already counting down the days here and are already looking forward to winter walks with Glühwein, tea or a hot chocolate. To get you in the mood a bit, we share a few nice dog-friendly walking routes through the Netherlands.

1. South Holland - Battle of Wassenaar

On Wassenaar beach, dogs are allowed to run free all year round to the north and south of the bathing beach - yes! Our favorite route starts from the De Kuil car park. This is the largest and most popular dog route and runs through the Berkheide dune area. Please note: between March 1 and August 1, dogs must be kept on a leash here). Fancy a nice hot chocolate or Glühwein after your walk? Then go to Brasserie de Badmeester. They are open almost all year round.

2. North Holland - Groenendaal Heemstede

Fancy a nice walk in the woods? Then go to Landgoed Groenendaal in Heemstede. This is a fantastic walking forest with beautiful old trees and wide avenues. North of the Sparrenlaan, dogs are allowed to run loose within the swing gates, just like Scottish Highlanders. Do you want to have a nice lunch after walking? Then go to Restaurant Landgoed Groenendaal. Here you have lunch in a monumental coach house.

3. North Brabant Loonse en Drunense Duinen

The Loonse en Drunense Duinen is a true paradise for nature lovers. This beautiful area is very popular among people with dogs, because it has a large off-leash area of +/- 4 km. Our favorite off-leash area starts right after café de Roestelberg. Here you can park the car and from the parking lot you can walk straight onto the sand plain. Extensive? After your walk you can of course visit café de Roestelberg.

4. Limburg - National Park the Meinweg

If you live in Limburg or if you happen to be nearby, don't forget to stop at National Park De Meinweg. A park full of beautiful forests, streams and heaths. Perfect for a wonderful winter walk with your dog. The park even has two off-leash areas where your dog does not have to be on a leash all year round (if under apple). For the off-leash area Melickerheide (55 ha) it is best to park at the Melickerbosweg car park in Roermond. For the other off-leash area (Zandbergen) you can park your car at Meinweg 2. Here you can enjoy a nice drink afterwards at the dog-friendly brasserie, De Boshut.

5. Gelderland - Harskamp / Ede (Veluwe)

It is of course no news that you can enjoy walking in the Veluwe. Unfortunately, there are few off-leash areas to be found. After good research we found one, namely the off-leash area at Harskamp on the Veluwe. The area is fenced, allowing dogs to run and play safely. After walking you drive a short distance to De Waldhoorn in Otterlo. Here they have a wonderfully heated covered terrace with heaters, heaters and heated cushions. Great to sit while enjoying a bock beer, Glühwein or hot chocolate.

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