Our new name is CHARLIE & JONES. From now on we are also available for cats. Read more about the new path we have taken and meet Jones, our sweet Ragdoll.

We are now called Charlie & Jones. Our family has expanded and that is why we switched to our new name Charlie & Jones on 15-11-22. In addition to our two dogs, our sweet Ragdoll Jones is now also part of our family. Jones is a real sweetheart, but also quite proud. Well, you know it, because what cat isn't? After some playing around with both dogs, it was clear that Jones would immediately become a partner. He will immediately take over Cooper's position and that is why we will continue as Charlie & Jones. They can say what they want, but a cat always gets what it wants.

Under the guise of 'new name, new aim' you can now also find these products for cats with us:

  • Adjustable cat collars with name/phone number from our studio
  • Teddy blanket with your cat's name
  • Name-embroidered towel made of soft cotton

Handmade cat collars

We design and make all products by hand in our Charlie & Jones studio in Amsterdam. In addition to our handmade collars for dogs, you will now also find a cat leash in our online store. As soon as you order your cat collar from us, we will get started. Just like our dog collars, we make the cat collars from scratch. We use high-quality European materials for this. You choose the colors, first of the nylon and then of the yarn. You provide us with the name (and possibly telephone number) and we will ensure that your cat can wear its unique cat collar within five working days.

Local material

Did you know that all parts of our harnesses come from Europe? At Charlie & Jones, quality comes first. We want all dogs and cats to be able to move comfortably and to look fantastic. That is why we only work with the best materials from suppliers in Europe. The nylon of the collars, leashes and harnesses comes from France. We embroider the name of your dog or cat with Dutch yarn. Our strong buckles come from Spain. And the brass rings and sliders are also of the very best quality. We use these local materials to make elegant collars and harnesses for cats and dogs.

Lost your dog or cat?

Some dogs and cats are real homebodies, but we also know a few adventurers who are regularly away from home for hours or even days. Does your dog or cat like to go on adventures alone? We embroider your telephone number into their harness or collar, so that they can easily be back home with just one phone call.

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