Warm de winter in met onze nieuwe Teddy blankets

Warm up in winter with our new Teddy blankets

The days are getting colder and while the rain is tapping against the window, you long for that one warm summer evening on the beach. It can no longer be denied that autumn has really started. The chilly weather creates a great need for coziness and our four-legged friends could also use a little extra warmth. Do you prefer to curl up on the couch together under a nice warm blanket when you get home after a long day? Then our teddy blanket will be your best friend this fall.

Our teddy blankets are perfect for these cold winter days. The blankets are made of a super soft, warm fabric and are nice and large, namely 150 x 200 cm. This makes the blankets not only suitable for your dog or cat, but also for warming up yourself. The blankets can also serve as an extra soft underlay in your pet's bed or as protection against dirt and hair on your couch or in the car, for example.

This year our blankets come in many new colors, so you can style them perfectly in your interior. Because let's face it, a blanket like this looks really cozy, doesn't it? Have it embroidered with your name or that of your pet in your favorite color for a personal touch.

The teddy blanket is available in the following new colors;

Taupe, dark blue, ocher yellow, gray, rust, black, eggplant, old pink, brown, olive green & white

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