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Leash with name Royal Blue

Leash with name Royal Blue

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Charlie & Jones belts are elegant, comfortable and functional. We think it is important that you enjoy our products for a long time. That is why we only use high-quality materials. These materials are durable, sturdy and will not rust. Because all our products are made in our own workshop, we can guarantee our quality. We embroider your dog's name and, if desired, also a telephone number. If the dog ever escapes, your four-legged friend can be home with just one phone call. You can order using the form below, choose the color of the thread, name and telephone number.
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- D-ring on the handle, handy for the poop bags

- Machine washable

- Weather & Water resistant, the text will remain clearly visible even after a dip in the water


- Heavy-duty 1” nylon strap & Solid cast brass

- D-ring & clip, sturdy and will not rust!

- Charlie & Jones stands for quality
ahead. That is why we only work with the best materials from suppliers in Europe.

Important when ordering

- When the letters of the name contain characters (é, á, ë, etc.), we use a different font (clarendon)

- The photos of the collars with colored names are examples only. You can choose the desired text color yourself

- Choose a contrasting color, this will make the text stand out even more

Washing instructions

You can wash the Charlie & Jones belts in a hand wash or in a washing bag in the washing machine at 30 degrees