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Night Blue towel with name

Night Blue towel with name

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Did you have a nice swim in the sea or did you come home with dirty muddy legs? And do you have to take a bath again? Fortunately, you have a very nice soft towel with your name on it and in your favorite color combination. This makes taking a dog bath one big party! The Charlie & Jones personalized towel, the softest and most personal party after every adventure.
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- This towel is made of 100% cotton

- 60 x 110 cm

- Suitable for both the paws and the coat of the dog


- Our towels are handmade with lots of love in our studio in Amsterdam

- We only work with the very best materials for our towels, from suppliers in the Netherlands

Important when ordering

- When the letters of the name contain characters (é, á, ë, etc.), we use a different font (clarendon)

- The photos of the collars with colored names are examples only. You can choose the desired text color yourself

- Choose a contrasting color, this will make the text stand out even more

Washing instructions

It is best to wash the towel at 30 degrees, this is good for both the towel and the environment. The towel is suitable for the dryer. Keep away from clothing with sharp edges, such as zippers.